Featuring: The London Police (The Netherlands), Dust La Rock (USA), Grotesk (USA / Switzerland), Tim Tsui (Hong Kong), Devilrobots (Japan), DGPH (Argentina), Jeremyville (Australia), Steven Harrington (USA), Superdeux (France), 123 Klan (France / Canada), Cody Hudson (USA), Tokidoki (Italy / USA), Eboy (Germany), Kozyndan (USA), Meomi (Canada), Tim Fishlock (UK), Andrew Pommier (Canada), Mike Perry (USA), Emil Kozak (Denmark / Spain), Boris Hoppek (Germany / Spain), Naoshii (Japan), Kid Acne (UK), Shin Tanaka(Japan), Scott Barry (USA), Easy Hey (France), CartOne (France), Yuck (France), Filter017 (Taïwan), iLK (France), BShit (France), Skwak (France), Kanardo (France), Skooly DK (France), Amandine Urruty (France), :Phunk Studio (Singapour), Havec (France), Benjamin Güedel (Switzerland), You Are Bautiful (USA), Delphine Durand (France), Asterialand (Hong Kong), Koa (France), Bfree (The Netherlands), Dalek (USA), Delarocca (France), Hellofreaks (France), Elr°y (France), Martin Krusche (Germany), Mauro Gatti (Italy), Nelio (France), Mothi (France), Stereotype (France), Mlle Bulle (France), Tsuyatsuya (Japan)

This edition is produced by Grand Lyon for Lyon 2013. Powered by Unchi Leisure Center and Arty Farty, curated by Kanardo, supported by Bewol and 55-555.

So many thanks to all the artists who have been involved in this project.

The second edition of this project couldn't have happened without the precious help of all the guys who have erected the signs in the streets.

Acknowledgments to Vincent Carry at Arty Farty, Olivier and all the team at Autocolor, Virginie Duhamel at Grand Lyon, Jeanne Wagner de Reyna and Alice Dupuis at Lyon 2013 committee, Natacha Hirth at Mairie de Lyon... and CartOne (I will buy you another computer!).

All pictures © KANARDO